Analytical Instrument Facility

Customized 3D Modeling & Engineering Analysis

(Structural, Thermal/Heat Transfer, Multibody Dynamics, Electromagnetics)
Instruments Details
Design & Engineering analysis for customized solutions for users,
-Structural Applications
-Thremal Engineering/Heat Transfer
-Structural Applications
-Multibody Dynamics -Electromagnetics
Solution Approach:

Based on the requirement of user, a 3D CAD model will be generated. Further, the engineering analysis will be performed to check the performance of the design.


We can provide customized solution for industrial problems (for the application areas mentioned above) through design and engineering analysis.

Contact Person
Dr. Sanjeev Soni/Mr. Sanjeev Verma
Contact No. : +91-172-2656285, 2672278
Email Id : ssoni@csio.res.in, sanjeevverma@csio.res.in
Charges includes GST

- Depending on the complexity of the problem/application

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