Analytical Instrument Facility

Schedule of Charges

(w.e.f. May, 2013)

All the users are required to submit MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) for each sample they submit and a certificate stating that the samples submitted are non- toxic / non-hazardous and that the sample does not require special precaution while handling.

Kindly add GST 18% (w.e.f. from 1st July 2017) on Instrument Charges

  1. Dispatch address will be same as address on letter head.
  2. GST is applicable to all the users and is calculated as per current rate 18% (w.e.f. from 1st July 2017).
  3. All the samples should accompany the payment, in order to be considered for registration and analysis. All the payments should be in favour of "The Director,CSIO,Chandigarh" but the Demand Drafts should be sent to "Dr.Sunita Mishra,Head,AIF,CSIO,Chandigarh, 160030"
  4. The payment should be made in advance by a only Demand Draft(DD) in favour of : " The Director,CSIO,Chandigarh."
  5. The DD should be rounded off the nearest figure(integer value). Example: IF total charges(including tax etc) comes out to be Rs.574.50/-(ie greater than or equal to 50 paise) then DD amount should be rounded off to Rs.575/- IF total charges(including tax etc) comes out to be Rs.574.03/-(ie less than 50 paise) then DD amount should be rounded off to Rs.574/-
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(Amount in Rupees)
S.No. Name of the Analytical Instrument/Services Testing Charges*
(per sample/ measurement) INCLUDE GST- 18%
1. Sample Analysis for Pesticide, Milk Adulterants, AntiOxidants & Toxic Compounds, etc.
  1. Methodology Development
  2. Sample Preparation/Extraction of Samples
  3. Analysis of Ready/Extracted Sample
  4. Data Analysis
2. Study of Fluorescent Properties of Liquid Compounds 0600.00
3. Study of Fluorescent Properties of Solid Compounds 0700.00
4. Thermo Gravimetric Differential Scanning Calorimetry Analysis (TGA-DSC) 1200.00
5. Quantitative Determination of Chemical Elements from AAS 1200.00
6. FT - Infrared Spectrum Analysis of Powder Sample 0350.00
7. FT - Infrared Spectrum Analysis of Liquid Sample using ATR 0500.00
8. FT - Infrared Spectrum Analysis of Thin Film using Reflectance Mode Accessory 0750.00
9. FT - Infrared Spectrum Analysis of Gaseous Samples 1400.00
10. Quantitative Determination of Compounds in Mixture
** (Rs. 500/- extra if processed data is required)
11. FE-SEM - Imaging of Nano-materials 1500.00
12. Volummetry and Potentiometry Measurements 0400.00
13. Surface Profile Measurement 1400.00
14. Microscopic imaging / Confocal Microscopy-Florescent Imaging of Samples (Only with visible excitation lasers) 1500.00
15. Low Temperature Measurements (0oC to -40oC) 0800.00
16. Ellipsometery - Band Gap, Refractive Index, Film Thickness, Extinction Coefficient Measurement of Multi Layered Optical Based Coatings 0800.00
17. Particle Size Analyser - Zeta Potential Measurement 2300.00
18. Wear Loss and Coefficient of Friction Measurement 0600.00
19. UV-VIS Spectroscopic Analysis 0250.00
20. Photoluminescence Properties Study 0350.00
21. Particle Size and Molecular Weight Measurement 0450.00
22. Surface Tension Measurement of (High Viscosity fluid) 1150.00
23. Contact Angle Measurement of (High Viscosity Fluid) 1150.00
24. Surface Free Energy (SFE) 0950.00
25. Surface Tension Measurement (ST) 0750.00
26. Contact Angle Measurement 0750.00
27. Measurement of Color in Diverse Applications 300.00
28. Compression, Tension and Cyclic Testing of Materials (Capacity 1000N)
  1. for up to 10 Samples
  2. 10 to 50 Samples
  3. for Samples more than 50
29. Structural Engineering Analysis 1200.00
30. Thermal Engineering Analysis 1200.00
31. 3D Modellng 0800.00
32. Radiological Image inspection of Small Samples of Agricultural Produce, Materials, Explosives etc. 1500.00
33. Odour Analysis 2500.00
34. Taste Analysis 3500.00
35. NIR Absorbance Analysis 0300.00
36. Metal Coating on Optical Fiber/Flat Substrate 1000.00
37. Conductive Coating for Image of Nanomateria 0400.00
38. X-ray Diffractometer (XRD) 1850.00
39. Raman Spectroscopy/Microscopy 0800.00
40. Gold and Carbon Coating for Non Conducting Sample 0400.00
41. Conductivity/Resistivity of Thin Films/Devices on Two and Four Probe System 0400.00
42. Postural Assessment in Stance and Gait mode 1400.00/hr
43. Conductivity/Resistivity of Thin Films/Devices on Two and Four Probe System 1700.00/hr
44. Conductivity/Resistivity of Thin Films/Devices on Two and Four Probe System 0400.00
Contact Person: Dr. Sunita Mishra: head.aif@csio.res.in

Kindly include this note in your requesting letter exactly as it is : "Content of this report is meant for our information only and we will not use the content of this report for advertisement, evidence, litigation or quote as certificate to third party