Analytical Instrument Facility

Cold Plasma Treatment System

Instruments Details
Make & Model
:Diener electronic, PICO
RF Generator
:13.56 MHz, 0–300 W
Working Pressure
:0.1 to 1.0 millibar
Gas supply/ Gas channel
:Three MFC; One each for corrosive & non-corrosive Gases and one for Liquid Monomer bottle
Typical Process Time Process
:15 minutes
:Ar, N2 , O2 , CF4 SF6 , HMDSO
Working Principles

Continuous application of energy changes the states of matter from solid-state to liquid and gas. Carrying on further application of energy, the existing shell of the atom is broken up and electrically charged , excited particles and molecule fragments are formed (negatively charged electrons and positively charged ions, radicals). This mixture is called Plasma or the fourth state of matter.

Solid →Liquid →Gas→Plasma

To some extent the surface of parts to be treated is only mechanically “micro-sand blasted” by energy-rich gases (i.e. inert gas plasma). The emerging plasma reacts chemically with the treated part (i.e. oxygen plasma). In polymerization processes monomers are introduced into the chamber, which react chemically among each other to polymers and then settle down as a layer onto the treated part.


Plasma Cleaning
Plasma activation
Plasma Etching
Coating by Plasma Polymerization (HMDSO)
Plasma Sterilization : Used Process gas is Oxygen

Contact Person
Mr. Rajesh
Email Id: rajesh@csio.res.in
Sample preparation/other info

Clean and dry sample (< 150 gm) preliminarily examined with x-Ray imaging and other tests to ascertain it free from any pesticides/microbes.

Charges includes GST

Plasma cleaning, Etching or Monomer coating Rs. 3,100/- Per Process

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