Analytical Instrument Facility

Electrochemical Workstation

Instruments Details
:MetrohmAutolab, Netherlands
Electrode connections
:2, 3 and 4
Potential range
:+/- 10 V
Compliance voltage
:+/- 30 V
Current ranges
:1 A to 10 nA
Potential accuracy
:+/- 0.2 %
Potential resolution
:0.3 ┬ÁV
Current accuracy
:+/- 0.2 %
Current resolution
:0.0003 %
Input impedance
:> 1 TOhm
Potentiostat bandwidth
:1 MHz
Computer interface
Control software
Reference Electrode
Counter Electrode
Working Electrode
:User Defined
Working Principles

The electrochemical work station is a digital potentiostat/galvanostat instrument generally utilized in advanced electrochemical studies. The Electrochemical Workstation is utilized for amperometric(measurement of current), potentiometric (measurement of potential/charge accumulation) and conductometric (change in conductivity of medium) studies of any electrochemical reaction. The workstation is also capable of carrying out Electrochemical Impedence Spectroscopy (EIS)and Electrostatic deposition (ESD).



Contact Person
Dr.Akash Deep
Email Id : dr.akashdeep@csio.res.in
Other Information, (If Any)

The choice of working electrode and conductive solution is user dependent
Any electrochemical study accompanied with evolution of toxic/harmful gases will not be admissible

Charges with GST Extra

Volummetry and Potentiometry measurements 400 per sample

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