Analytical Instrument Facility

Precision Force Measurement System

(FMS 1000)
Instruments Details
Make & Model
:Starrett FMS-1000
Force range
:0-1000 Newton
Test speed range
:0.02-1270 mm/min
Load cell resolution
:0.1 Newton
Measurement accuracy
:±0.1% of full scale
Test fixtures available for
:Rope/wire fixture
Vise action fixture
Wedge action fixture
Working Principles

The system uses a load cell based full bridge sensor to measure the force. An electromechanically controlled platform is used to apply the defined value of force to the sample as per the requirement of the test. Force and deformation are recorded through computer software and the data can be used for further analysis.


The system can measure precise force during tensile, compression, break/rupture, peel and shear tests as well as for cyclic tests meeting the international testing standards from ASTM, ISO, DIN etc.
Tests can be performed for a variety of applications like syringes, gloves, other medical related components/samples. Also samples of other materials like metallic, plastic and elastic (Rubber etc) can be tested accurately.
Graphical test results as well as raw data can be provided for various parameters like load, deformation, velocity, break limit etc.

Contact Person
Dr. Sanjeev Soni/Mr. Sanjeev Verma
Contact No. : +91-172-2656285, 2672278
Email Id : ssoni@csio.res.in, sanjeevverma@csio.res.in
Charges includes GST

1-10 samplesRs. 1266per sample
11-50 samplesRs. 716per sample
More than 50 samplestRs. 606per sample

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