Analytical Instrument Facility

Low Energy X-ray Imaging System

Instruments Details
Make & Model
:Kubtec Inc. XPERT 80
Tube Voltage
:Up to 50 KV
Tube Current
:Up to 1.0 milliA
X-Ray Cone Beam
:37 degrees
Active Imaging Area
:10cm x 10cm
Dynamic Resolution
:16 bits
Image Resolution
:50 microns
Working Principles

The working principle involves selective passage of X-rays through the object being imaged, which reveals its internal density variations. The acquired image data is analysed for extraction of internal structural information. The factors that determine the quality of X-ray images are the type of source (wavelength), the X-ray converter and the imaging medium. X-ray imaging technique is predominantly used in medical applications and has been utilized in several other applications including safety and quality inspection of agricultural produce. X-ray imaging systems have been used for extracting information like presence of cracks, insect infestation, and morphological and structural features of internal parts of the seeds. Soft X-rays generated at low voltage have relatively low penetration power, which makes them suitable for inspection and non-destructive testing purpose.


Seed testing
Customs and security
Drug development
Animal research
Non-destructive testing

Sample preparation / other information:

Sample size: Small samples (15 cm dia)

Features of the Instrument

Automatic Exposure control
Auto calibration
Laser guided sample positioning
X-Ray leakage < 1 ┬ÁSv/h
Non-destructive testing

Contact Person
Mr. Amitava Das
Email Id : adas@csio.res.in
Charges with GST Extra

Radiological Image inspection of small samples of agricultural produce, materials, explosives etc. X-Ray scans for crack detection / insect infestationRs. 1500per sample

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