Analytical Instrument Facility

Dynamic Light Scattering

Instruments Details
Make & Model
:Malvern Zetasizer, Zeta nano ZS90
Temperature control range
:0˚C to 90˚C
Standard laser
Size Specifications
Range (Max diameter)
:0.3nm - 5microns
Min sample volume
Max concentration
Measurement angles
:13° + 90°
Zeta Potential Specifications
Zeta potential range
:> +/-500mV
Min sample volume
Max concentration
:40% w/v
Maximum sample conductivity
Working Principles

This is an entry level system for the measurement of particle size at a 90 degree scattering angle using Dynamic Light Scattering, also with the ability to measure zeta potential and molecular weight using Static Light Scattering.

The principle of dynamic light scattering is that fine particles and molecules that are in constant random thermal motion, called Brownian motion, diffuse at a speed related to their size, smaller particles diffusing faster than larger particles. To measure the diffusion speed, the speckle pattern produced by illuminating the particles with a laser is observed. The scattering intensity at a specific angle will fluctuate with time, and this is detected using a sensitive avalanche photodiode detector (APD). The intensity changes are analyzed with a digital autocorrelator which generates a correlation function. This curve can be analyzed to give the size and the size distribution.


Size measurement from 0.3nm (diameter) to 5 microns using 90 degree scattering optics
Zeta potential of colloids and nanoparticles using patented M3-PALS technology
Molecular weight measurement down to 9,800 Da
Automation of measurements using an autotitrator option
Temperature range extension option to 120°C

Contact Person
Dr. Sachin Tyagi
Contact: +91-172-2642545
Email Id : sachintyagi.iitr@gmail.com
Charges with GST extra

Size measurement and Zeta potential measurement Rs. 450 per sample

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